Complementary Services – How to apply for a course

Once you have decided which course to apply for, please complete an application form and return it to the address at the back of the programme (available here). Places are limited so you will only be able to attend one of these courses. Please state your first, second and third choice if applicable.

These courses are funded by Wokingham Borough Council, therefore regular attendance is essential and you need to be living in the Wokingham area to apply.

This form needs to be received by the Complementary Services administration office by 6 September 2019.

You can find the application at the back of the programme (available here).

Individual support

We are unable to provide one-to-one support within activities so you may be asked to bring someone with you to provide the level of support you need. We are unable to administer any medication or assist with personal care.


We will write to tell you if you have a space on your chosen course. Your payment and completed paperwork must be received before the start date.

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